Customer Relationship Management - CRM


We have developed an IT solution for Customer Relationship Management in order to overcome drawbacks of traditional Enquiry Management System against Client. As we well known that Customer Relationship Management system is usually referring to Operations, that's why we Create a centralized system that manage, analyzed, take care of our transaction and provides output in the format of report that are very easy to understand to a common person with little knowledge.

We developed a web application (Software) to manage all activities, Enquiries of Customer Relationship management by Company with department like marketing, Offers, Employee Task, Employee Performance, Employee Tracking, Business Tracking and Business Analysis .This application is capable to track each and every transaction that needed to store and manage Different Parts.

1. Admin Module

Admin Module Admin Module Admin Module

Master Module:

  • Employee
  • Employee Rights
  • Employee Area
  • Interested Category of Product
  • Sub Category of Product
  • Source
  • Status
  • Purpose
  • Industry Type

The above diagram shows that all entry in master form is one time entry, means we get all master form entry in all other transaction form. The real benefit of this master form comes in picture when client place hundreds of Enquiry with same Interested Category of Product, Sub Category, imagine how typical it is.

In our scenario we provide a facility due to which once Employee make Enquiry entry of client Interests in master form then in all other transactions he will able to choose Interested Category of Products name and Product Sub Category name from combo box.

2. Enquiry

Enquiry Enquiry


  • New Enquiry
  • Enquiry Follow-up
  • Enquiry Revision
  • Enquiry Offer sent To Client
  • Final Enquiry
  • Cancel Enquiry

Above diagram show all process briefly means in this module user can place Enquiry, Client Interested in Category and According to Client Make then Best budgeted plan by marketing or Enquiry handler Employee To client By Enquiry. Once Enquiry Created Employee can Process on any Module like follow-up, Offer Sent, finished Enquiry.

Employee Can Manage Different Requirements from Client, or generate No of enquiry for One client. Application can manage different category enquiry for different Employee Automatically assign to particular employee who work on that area

3. New Enquiry

New Enquiry

According to Interesed Category Allotted To Employee at time of saving Enquiry Having advantage to allotment, who have minimum enquiry count it apear on top and auto selected , if any other condition Employee can change allottment from list , one enquiry one employee . list of enquiry apears in enquiry Report also, in enquiry report employee can see created enquiry as well as allotted enquiry .

4. Enquiry Follow-up

Enquiry Follow-up

In above figer Follow-up on Enquiry , this operation can perform by employee who have this enquiry in list. After adding follow-up details the list of privous and current followup like this

This is very useful utility for managing follow-up Details, previous and current Follow-up at once against one enquiry on single click, view of follow-up in follow-up transaction with list of follow-ups.

5. Enquiry Offer sent To Client

Enquiry Offer

If employee want to sent offer on enquiry, this form will apear with offer sent cost , on this cost client get inform by employee that we have interesting offer for client.

It apears green untill and unless employee not sent offer ,once employee sent offer tag change as orange.Offer sent enquiry apear in Offer sent report also After offer sent show enquiry in orange color and unable to sent again.

6. Final Enquiry

Final Enquiry

Enquiry Final from Here , once final offer sent to client ,the enquiry will remove from employee allotted list. Final enquiry means closed enquiry that enquiries list apear in finshed reports.

7. Cancel or Regret Enquiry

Cancel Enquiry

If sometime need to cancel enquiry by some resons. You can easyly cancel the enquiry as below instructions. It generate cancel report also to show to cancel enquiry report with "who cancel the enquiry ?" and "when ?" also other details.

8. Task Management

Task Task Task


  • Task Assign
  • Task Status

Management or employee can assign task to employee They define status as complete, pending, in process on Task they have, that report automatically sent to task Sender. If task sender management or employee not Satisfied on that work it update and sent again to Employee, Task can done only when task sender click on complete button, until and unless task will pending on employee dashboard.

When task assign to employee, employee have popup information when they login with link of task status as below with "assign by", date of assign and priority. The employee have list appear till task not completed.

When it compete click on complete button the task will remove from both sides sender and recover , Application gives report on task complete ,how many task complete and when ,by whom. It shows list of all task which completed

9 .Reports

Employee Reports:

  • Client Report
  • Enquiry Report
  • Enquiry Allot Report
  • Enquiry Self Allot Report
  • Enquiry Follow-up Report
  • Offer Sent Report
  • Final Offer Report

Management Reports:

  • Total Enquiry Report
  • Allotted Enquiry Report
  • Self Allotted Report
  • Follow-up Report
  • Offer Sent By Report
  • Offer Finished By Report
  • Employee Status
  • Employee Performance

Software Video

Clients List

  • Bharat Travels - Nagpur (M.H.)
  • Btp Yarta .com - Nagpur (M.H.)
  • Lars Enviro - Nagpur (M.H)
  • - Nagpur (M.H.)
  • - Nagpur (M.H.)