Secure Web API Design & Development

Web API Development is a process in which an application programming interface (API) is designed for both web server and browser. Web API design varies according to its nature of being a client side or server side API. It defines a clear set of HTTP requests along with responses to send and extract data from the server.

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APIs are standardized requests from one application that have been defined for the program being called upon. Such APIs can establish quick and direct communication between two systems that are not connected directly with each other. API acts as a bridge for information flow from application to another.

Benefits of API Web Development

With the rise of API usage in the past few years, efforts made to run and maintain several applications for different purposes at once are no longer necessary. There are several other benefits of using APIs, and some of them are listed here:

  • API development calls for secure API design that ensures your data and information is safe on the server as well as terminal.
  • A good web API design enhances the user experience to a great extent by bypassing unnecessary application jumping.
  • With efficient API Web development, multiple applications can be merged in a website or application itself.
  • APIs allow communication between disconnected systems with the help of REST web services.
  • APIs save time and make it simpler to navigate through the server or the hosting website.